Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Logo Looks Like Cigarettes

Why does the Olympic logo look just like a pack of cigarettes?? You see it on the polo shirts of TV commentators and everywhere else. It's like a subliminal Marlboro add or something. Maybe it's for population control? I don't know... You think Michael Phelps would have all those Gold Medals and a DVD if he smoked cigarettes?


Rubber Duck said...

A pack of cigarettes?

I don't see it!

Now you're just smokin' some crack!

teight said...

SO I've been saying the exact same thing to everyone. Any professional logo designer looks at a logo from every angle, not just right at it on the screen. The 2008 Olympic logo from a distance looks nearly identical to a pack of Marlboro Reds, especially when the logo is a patch on an announcers left chest...looks as if he has got a pack of smokes in his pocket. Not surprising since China is by far the leading country in cigarette consumption.