Friday, September 19, 2008

Frank Zappa Knew It 20 Years Ago: the "Liberal Media" is a Myth

"The concept of a "liberal media bias," spoon-fed to CNN viewers in talk-show blather and pompous 'news commentary' throughout the Reagan years, has at last been exposed for the pitiful manipulation it always was.

'Liberal' bias? Suppose a newsperson was some sort of frothing 'liberal' - would he get a broadcast job in the first place? Not on CNN. But, suppose he did, and tried to sneak some form of "bias" into a story, do we think he'd last a week? Get serious. Frothing right-wing extremists are, however, prominently displayed and in plentiful supply on CNN.

The license holders for most broadcast outlets (especially the commercial networks) hardly qualify as "liberal" by any stretch of the imagination - and the guys on the board of directors? Gimme a break. This applies to all news outlets - electronic and print. The guy who owns the outlet determines policy and content - that's why he owns it, so he can control it. This power to mold public opinion is bartered for 'favors' among 'friends' - it is the essential tool of spin-control"

-Frank Zappa, 1988

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