Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Haggy Christmas

OK, I’ve ranted about horrible and pointless office Christmas “gifts” before. It was probably a bit crass and unappreciative. But this is just… wow…

I come in to work this morning and there’s a red envelope/card on my desk with a light blue rectangular tin with snowmen on it. OK. I’m thinking it might be those really good sugared pecans that some people give out.

Nope. I open it up and this is what’s inside:

A little pad of note paper that says “Let it Snow!”

A pen

A pack of Certs mints (ok, insert joke about it being some hint that I need them, but apparently everyone received this same awesome gift)

A bunch of small and large paper clips of various colors (Thanks! Paper clips! I only have 40,000 of them in my desk already!)

And…… a large nail file. What the fuck? A NAIL FILE?? Thanks.

So… we have a tin can partially filled with absolute crap that no one needs or wants. What did she do, empty out her desk? Paper clips and a nail file? Are these seasonal items or some tradition that I’m unaware of? Surprised I didn’t get some old pennies and a gum wrapper. Or some lint....

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Anonymous said...

This is the first hag commentary in quite some time. I want more!