Monday, April 7, 2008

Haggy Freakin Holidays!

it never fails.... December is always like this:

ok so every fuckin day i come in and there's another gay card with a piece of candy or jarful of candy or some chocolate, or today i got some... glass... thing... with a bag of chexmix in it.

i know i know, it's nice. and i eat all the goodies, but for fuck's sake i dont celebrate christmas, and i'm NOT gonna be giving any cards or crap out to them.... yea, i'm scroogey for being annoyed by this, but the whole thing is stupid.

this one card has too little angel kids puting cookie ornaments on this christmas tree that's planted in a teacup. what the fuck? inside it says "may the spirit of christmas bless your heart with peace and love."

yea, i doubt it!

funny i read all these stories about christians complaining that our PC world has taken the Christmas outta the holidays. i dont see it. all i see is fuckin trees and merry christmas shit everywhere. see, my thing is why complain? they'll just change it all to "seasons greetings" in green/red font with wreaths and shit and we all know what that means.

i'll just shut the fuck up and go out for chinese food on dec.25th and be done with it.

i'm pretty sure all my coworkers know i'm jewish, but it doesn't register. throughout my life i've come in contact with people who will find out i'm jewish and say "but you still celebrate christmas, right?" like EVERYONE celebrates christmas! but then all the smart remarks pop up when jews "get out of work" for our holidays. guess what, the fuckin world doesn't come grinding to a halt for our holidays, so we do what we gotta do.

anyway, some give neutral "holiday" cards, but it's all the same really.

okay, what if i gave them all Hannukah cards? i'm sure they'd be like "why the fuck did he give me a hannukah card, i dont celebrate that" and it would fly right over their heads.

so at our christmas party there was a prize for "best dressed" for idiots who wore christmas-type sweaters and shit. so stupid.

do you think i woulda been fired if i stood up and said, "I'm dressed up as a regular Jewish man, just like Jesus!"???

god i'm a freakin dick.

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World of Thoughts said...

This was funny, and I do get your point! I'll remember not to send you a card next Christmas!