Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hag Drama

so the other morning, some lady who works downstairs, we'll call her Terry, came into my office requesting to talk to me, shutting the door. asks if i have any kinda problem with her. i say of course not. she takes out an interoffice envelope, and from that removes a piece of paper with a typed message (paraphrased from memory):

"[hag's name removed],
how do you sleep at night making your coworkers look
bad in front of the new management while doing everything you can to make
yourself look good? dont you realize that new management always sees right
through you when you do that?"

the inter-office envelope had her name written a bit sloppily, as if someone wrote it with their opposite hand to thisguise their handwriting.
how bizarre! i asked if she's ever had conflict or problems with anyone up here and she said no. she said the only person she's noticed a slight mood shift or recent bad vibes from was the "Lead Bitch" who fakes being busy and lies about her hours.

(looking at the personalities up here, by process of elimination, i cant imagine who else it could be. i did NOT tell the hag this, but last week the Lead Bitch did voice to me how "Terry" is kissing ass or something.)

in the last few weeks, there's been a couple reports where "Terry" found a mistake after printing and had to take reports apart and fix them. i guess this might make the Lead Bitch look bad, but that's Terry's job to check/correct mistakes. part of our process, not a big deal at all. anyway, she says she feels like asking to be let go because she doesn't want to deal with this kinda stuff. she was tearing up in my office. i told her she shouldn't let this person win and give up a job i assume she needs.

then yesterday i sent a supportive email telling her not to worry about or to quit her job.

her response:

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I went to church last night and was
counseled on my problem. I have a God who will give me great PEACE. I'm so glad
that I didn't notice it in the mail Wednesday (when it was placed there), I sure
would of had a bad weekend. I've decided it may be the right time to make a
change, if my God wants me to move. He always will open a door or he will close
it. But one thing I do know is ..I do have some friends (co-workers) who care
how I feel. And all the years that I have worked here, I've seen this kind of
thing going on all the time. I'm glad I can say, I don't take any part of these
[hag's name removed]

i rolled my eyes like.... i try to be nice and help the helpless.

GOD will decide if i quit my job, and if i quit GOD will find me a new job!!!

i mean, i have no probs with peeps having faith and prayin and whatnot. but that's just a bit bizarre in that email.

i have a former co-worker (from this office) who told me that there was once an anonymous note sent in an interoffice envelope to management saying that he left at 2:30 but still put in for a full day on his timesheet and "that's not fair." he suspected/knew it was the Lead Bitch.

meanwhile, she's the one who lies by 15 minutes on her arrival and departure time every day, and claims "no lunch" which is a lie. so she steals an hour a day, so what's that, 10 hours every pay period??

what a bitch, doesn't she know she should stay here for the full time, but steal the hours by wasting them reading and writing??!! sheesh.

btw, the poor god-hag Terry printed out some other unrelated email and gave us each a copy, even though we all got it. (i guess that's part of her asskissin.) so i mentioned it to the Lead Bitch, to test her... i said, "what's up with Terry givin us this printout when we all got it?" so Lead Bitch proved it was her when (among her tirade about Terry kissin ass) she said "you know management sees right thru that stuff."

bingo, same language as the mystery note. i felt like saying, "yea, how can she SLEEP at night?"

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3 is the magic number said...

My boss is under alot of stress because she doesn't know how to handle another co-worker who challenges her on everything so she takes it out on the rest of us because we "choose" not to be confrontational.

I might have to switch up on her ass cuz she's starting to get on my fuckin nerves. Why do people force me to go to that ignorant level so close to the surface?

Whatever--just keep sending my check.