Monday, April 7, 2008

food fundraisers

Chatty Haggy brought in a fundraiser for her kid.
yea, these "pizza-making kit" fundraisers. fuck that. i looked at that shit, like $17 for one pizza and i gotta make it myself? how bout NO. If I’m gonna spend $17, i'll get 2 good pizzas fresh and hot that someone makes for me and brings to my house thanks.

I'd pay $34 if she'd just shut the fuck up for a few hours a day.

This lady is sick.... she's the one who never shuts up and eats fast food 3 times a week and is such skin and bones. she's looks like a ghoul. If I hip checked her into the hall wall I'd prolly kill her. which is a good way to save the $34 and shut her up permanently.

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