Monday, April 7, 2008

um, that's not honey

So the hags got Chinese food today. i got hot/sour soup and sesame chicken. now the hallway kinda smells like weed for some reason. maybe i'm just jonesin. so Big Judes got an order of fried chicken wings, and order of spare ribs, and an order of fried rice. freakin health nut she is!

forgot to share this earlier this morning. i roll in to the office at 8am and it smells like goddamn DINNER! the toaster is already empty so i didn't get to see what it was but the whole place smelled like a baked chicken dinner! sure, sounds good now, but there is just something wrong and really gross about smellin that at 8am!

she used to (prolly still does) cook bacon and keep the grease in a jar in the break room!
freakin corporate types visited and saw that and kinda looked at it funny like "uh.... so is that honey then?"

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