Thursday, April 10, 2008

Freedom Fries and Trucknuts

Okay, so the other day I saw one of those BOYCOTT FRANCE stickers that were popular a couple years ago. And how funny that places started changing their menus to "Freedom Fries" cuz "we dont serve FRENCH fries," all because they were smart enough to not join in our stupid war in Iraq. Yea, freedom fries. That'll show 'em!!

Then yesterday i saw a sticker that said "F*CK TERRORISM."
YEA!!!! we're winning!!!

Also... y'all seen these big fake scrotums that rednecks hang from the bottom of the back of their big-ass trucks?? Do they think this is remotely cool or tough? really? a freakin fake sack of nuts hanging from their truck? it's silly and gross.

I guess they're saying "my truck has balls" in some fashion, but just go ahead and drive a big-ass truck, that's enough to let us know you're some big bad cool dude.

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