Monday, April 7, 2008

it's cold in here

Chatty Haggy's bitchin cuz it's cold in here, heat’s not workin well. so she's like "if it doesn't come on and start working right, i'm not staying. i'm not gonna sit here all day and get sick. if they cant give us proper working conditions then tough, i'm leaving. bla bla bla blab blal blah blah blah adherhal ehehah ehalherali!"
good! fuck off and leave!
i think she thinks talkin and bitchin about it is gonna keep her warm. it is cold in here, but not the end of the world. She's over there like "there's icicles on my nose this is RIDICULOUS!"
Jeez, calm down and shut up.
she can feel her little heater better now cuz she's pulled it closer, but her hands are still cold.

Big Judes doesn’t like the heat situation either. she's prolly got an easier time stayin warm vs. that skinny chatty hag... but big judes prolly wants to go home early.

It’s 2 hours later. she hasn't stopped talking/complaining.