Monday, April 7, 2008

When the Levees Broke: a Requiem in Four Acts

wow. fuck. recently watched this Spike Lee documentary about Katrina and the aftermath. holy shit. so fuckin sad and horrible. certainly helps you feel thankful for whatever you got. i'd seen lots of pictures/footage from katrina, but this was just stunning.
we were vacationing in California when it happened, so we weren't paying close attention. just walking buy newpaper boxes and catching glimpses of TV and thinking "gee, looks kinda bad," but weren't caught up in watching it as it happened.

it's just an incredible film and a horrible story. but yet i still recommend that everyone see it. my buddy who used to live there said they really need to do an update film about how fucked up shit STILL is down there.

and since an official score/soundtrack isn't available, check out Terrence Blanchard's "A Tale of God's Will (Requiem for Katrina)" CD. it has some of Blanchard's music that was part of the film score. good stuff.

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