Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fleet Foxes

If you're interested in checking out some great new music... I recommend the Fleet Foxes self-titled album. Folky harmony vocals. Almost a Mamas'n'Papas-meets-CSNY vibe, which is strange coming from a group of 20-somethings from Seattle.

On my first few listens, I wasn't quite feeling it. Too mellow or something. But it's a real grower, and several listens later, I love it. Just a really beautiful, timeless album.

If you want to check out their live sound (pretty similar to the album, especially on this great-sounding soundboard recording), check out this recent show.

As always (if possible), don’t the Fleet Foxes great self-titled CD at BestBuy, Target or on Amazon. Support your local independent record store (while it still exists) and buy from them.

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