Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top 10 Best Country Albums Ever

Keep in mind, these are just the ones that I love the best. NOT a list of the Most Important/Influential or what have you. Just my favorites. Some might be considered classic country, folk, alt.country, country-rock... doesn't matter. I promise these are all great records. In no particular order, but numbered anyway. Ah screw it, I'll give ya 11:

  1. Whiskeytown - Strangers Almanac
  2. Gram Parsons - G.P./Grievous Angel
  3. Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  4. Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose
  5. Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash
  6. Ryan Adams / Cardinals Jacksonville City Nights
  7. Old Crow Medicine Show - Big Iron World
  8. Old 97's - Too Far To Care
  9. Bob Dylan John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline
  10. Drive-By Truckers - Decoration Day
  11. Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead


Mike said...

Whiskeytown - Strangers Almanac
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
Gram Parons - GP/Grievous Angel
Steve Earle - Train a Comin
Uncle Tupelo - Anodyne
Nickel Creek - Why Should the Fire Die?
Jayhawks - Hollywood Town Hall
Gillian Welch - Time the Revelator
Lucinda williams - Car Wheels
Alejandro - With These Hands

Anonymous said...

Not ten, but....

Townes Van Zandt - 'self titled'
Lucinda Williams - 'Car Wheels on a Gravel Road'
Ruan Bingham - 'Mescalito'